A day in summer school in Akiak

These are some photos of the summer school in Akiak, where the school day starts with Akiak elders talking with the kids during breakfast before the classes start. The elders are Ivan Ivan,  wearing the blue jacket, and Moses Owen. Pictured are Lutes Kelli Peterson ’13, wearing the vest, Megan Aarsvold ’13, with the scarf, and Suzy Olsen ’13, in the cardigan sweater and lavender top. – John Froschauer

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2 responses to “A day in summer school in Akiak”

  1. Adam says :

    Will all of these Lutes be in Anchorage enough to get together? Anchorage Lute Alumni would love to host them for a night!!!

    • albertct says :

      Adam, I don’t know when they are flying back down and through Anchorage. You might email Jan Weiss at PLU (she’s their prof and coordinator there) and she might be able to tell you. I believe it might be in July. Best, Barbara Clements, PLU Communications Director

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