A dream comes true in Alaska


Corey Christian ’00 remembers as a kid, he used to go out to the airfield near his childhood home in San Francisco and watch the airplanes take off. He knew then, he just had to have a career in aviation.

This dream was further nurtured at PLU, when a friend there, introduced him to his father, who worked for Northwest Airlines. After graduating with a business administration degree, and a minor in sports administration, Corey worked for a few years in professional baseball, but then decided to get back to his first love of flying and aviation. He was hired at Alaska Airlines in 2001 and has been there ever since, first working in customer service and then working his way up to become the regional manager for six airports in Alaska’s Arctic region.

Corey loves the lifestyle and scenery in Alaska, but he noted, it can get very cold there, as much as 60 degrees below Fahrenheit.

PLU taught him how to be humble and how to be a leader at the same time, he says.

“PLU teaches you leadership combined with service,” he said.

As for his dream job, well at that he laughs. He’d like to run Alaska Airlines someday, but he’ll have to wait in line for that behind another Lute, CEO Brad Tilden ’83.

Photos by John Froschauer, Edited by Barbara Clements


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