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Recap of the week in Akiak and prepping for Fathers’ Day!

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This week in Akiak has been quite eventful due to the passing of the smelt over the weekend and the anticipation of the king salmon on their way.

Akiak is blessed to have lots of support from the elders in our community, and this week we had one of the elders come in and teach our students how to string smelt. The students each were able to string at least five smelt!

This week we also learned about Yupiit masks and made masks of our own, and we went on a nature walk, gathering leaves to create mobiles fom our leaf rubbings.

On Thursday we made Father’s day cards that said, “Fishing You a Happy Father’s Day!” and then the students modge podged their fish. However, the favorite activity of the week has been playing “The Smelt Game” in which the smelt swim around the fishermen until the teacher claps her hands and then the smelt swim to the hula hoops around the gym for safety.

If the smelt are tagged by the fishermen, then they also become fishermen. This game was introduced on Tuesday and ever since that afternoon, the students ask to play that game regularly!

– Suzy Olsen


A day in summer school in Akiak

These are some photos of the summer school in Akiak, where the school day starts with Akiak elders talking with the kids during breakfast before the classes start. The elders are Ivan Ivan,  wearing the blue jacket, and Moses Owen. Pictured are Lutes Kelli Peterson ’13, wearing the vest, Megan Aarsvold ’13, with the scarf, and Suzy Olsen ’13, in the cardigan sweater and lavender top. – John Froschauer

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Prepping for classes

Meet the Lutes