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Reflections, pics from the Lutes in Tuluksak

Linnea Olson, Alyssa Johnson, and I are working in Tuluksak. When we first arrived in the village, we quickly saw similarities to the
Namibian communities we worked in.  Pulling up to the school we were amazed by the beautiful building. Unlike Namibia we were excited to see the resources we had available to us. Quickly, we started advertising and getting ready for summer school to start in one day.

At 10 a.m. we meet our students at the front door. First our children eat breakfast and then they are ready to go! We have designed our lessons to be as hands on as possible. We have seen our numbers fluctuate each day as smelt is coming down the river. Lots of our students are working with their families to catch fish and store for the year. We take them as they come and make the most of the time we have together! –Kari Olson

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Some pics from Tuluksak

Kari Olson ’11, shared a few pictures from the summer program in Tuluksak. Olson is teaching there with two other Lutes, Linnea Olsen ’12 and Alyssa Johnson ’13.

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